My Cars

I thought I'd make a list of the cars I have owned over the years before I forget...

Private cars

  • Ford Popular 100E registration UBU 453. My Dad bought it for me and I learned to drive in it when I was 18. It had 3 forward gears and 1 reverse. It was pale blue in colour. It was stolen from a car park in Sarum Hill Basingstoke but turned up the next day at the Blue Hut cafe, a shack, that stood on the A30 on the west side of town near where Mott Motorcyles are today.
  • Riley Elf. Two-tone. The Riley version of the Mini joint owned with my sister.
  • Vauxhall Victor. Two tones of green. Bought from Alan Wickens for peanuts. It was close to the end of its life. We drove to a derelict farmhouse called Cyfig owned by the Patterson family, near Pendine for a holiday. Its brakes failed on the day we scrapped it - a lucky escape.
  • A dark blue Vauxhall 101. I realised the engine was shot after i bought it from a foreign looking guy who said he was selling it for his son. He wouldn't take it back. Derek kindly rebuilt the engine as I watched. I had this car when we got married.
  • Ford Escort 1100 - dumb-bell grill. White. It was only 18 months old but a high mileage reps car. I had the boot catch modified / shortened to allow the boot to take my rather large JBL speaker cabinet. I put a lot more miles on it going back and forth to YTF rehearsals. Peter Davis kindly replaced the engine for a 1300 in the pouring rain. Margie learned to drive in this.
  • Austin Maxi. Mustard. NEB 462M Oh dear! A good size for carting around kids, toddler stuff etc but changing gear a bit like waggling an iron rod in a pile of bricks.
  • Ford Cortina 2.5 V6 estate. Automatic and chocolate coloured. Comfortable, roomy and quite quick. I bought it off Geoff at work who had a sideline in doing up cars and selling them on. I basicly ran this one into the ground. I traded it in for an Escort for Marg and after this mine have all been company cars to date.

Company Cars

  • White Ford Orion
  • Silver Ford Orion
  • Grey Ford Escort XRi
  • Maroon Ford Cortina
  • Grey Vauxhall Cavalier SRi
  • Black Vauxhall Cavalier SRi
  • Silver Vauxhall Senator J519 ODB (1994)
  • Red Ford Mondeo Ghia X saloon
  • Red BMW 323 SE W215 LAN
  • Red BMW 320 diesel
  • Grey Honda Accord estate SC05 BOH