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Superman extract

The most extraordinary mechanism in the world, so far as human knowledge runs, is also the most compact. A European medium-sized car weighs around 18 hundredweight, measures 170 inches in length, stands just over 50 inches high, and (at the cost of enormous expenditure on labour and manufacturing equipment) will do only three things - start, run and stop: a mere fraction of the super-machine’s capabilities.


The chemical structure of water is truly amazing. Simple, yet brilliant. The oxygen moleule has extra negatively charged electrons. These electrons oppose the single electron in each hydrogen atom. The resulting structure gives a 104.5 degree angle between the two hydrogens and the one oxygen. This 104.5 degree angle is essential to all of water's unique properties. Were it not for this angle, you would not be alive!! This angle gives water its four very unique properties that sustain all life. Water also forms "hydrogen bonds", a type of VanderWaals force that is not an actual chemical bond.