Lerts and Loophs - a draft

Edwin lay back and began the charging process. The small flies and miscellaneous other insects that made their home in his cavernous, warm nostrils detected the slow movement of air and became nervous. The smart ones among them decide that it's time to collect their belongings and leave to revisit some aging piece of decaying sweetness they suddenly remember merits their attention. Some others, mainly the younger ones, stay for the excitement and challenge while yet others don't have the experience or are just too dumb to realize the consequences.
The gentle breeze continues relentlessly. It disturbs the treasured, clammy ambiance of this dark place bringing an unwelcome chill and the foreign perfume of external airs. Tree-trunk hairs sway and rustle. Time passes and it seems 'twas ever thus. The remaining inhabitants resettle and become accustomed to the breeze.
Ed is content. It's been a good day, most gratifying!
The small were comfortable with Ed. He and his kin looked kindly on the insignificant and the underdog. TO cap it all he was also disposed towards environmental matters which led to much more natural, tasty decay. And so it was that they felt comfortable amongst these greenies.
The breeze stops.
The lull before the storm. Those fooled into a false sense of security eye each other multi-facitedly. There is a nervousness in the sudden stillness. For what seems like an age there is a tension and a crouching. Nobody, nothing moves.
Ed's eyes are closed now. He's savouring the pleasure of his achievement and knows he can relax, satisfied. Lurts everywhere are known for their size but Ed in particular is also know for his sighs!
It was as though someone had knocked the top off a compressed air cylinder. As though the combined fury of a dozen hurricanes had been unleashed in one fell swoop. The explosive force of the sudden exhalation caught all but the most alert lethally off guard. Those who were braced, had perfect timing and, frankly, were lucky got airborne in time. They were propelled at approaching supersonic speeds through one of the two gaping orifices. Once in the blindingly bright outside some were able to regain control in the dissipated airstream and set a safe, if shaky, course to make a secure landing and regain their senses,elated by the rush of adrenelin. There they would sit recovering, resetting their instrumentation and assessing any damage. They were alive although sandblasted by dust and other sundry particles that had been keeping them company in that moist haven so recently and urgently evacuated. The less fortunate knew nothing more. They were blasted like shrapnel, totally unprepared and out of control, against the nearest hard surface not standing the slightest chance of survival in one piece.
No-one survived if Eddie ever sneezed!
Ed Nuff had been a member of the Lurt party since before anyone could remember. The Lurts were forever pitted against the ruling Looph party attempting to wear them down and expose their uncaring policies as it should be in a good democracy. The Lurts never seemed to be able to gain the upper hand. Their supporters were the small and usually carried little or no influence. It was a tiring business and one that demanded flexibility and quick wits. In fact to be a useful member of the party you had to be a Lurt in more senses than one. Mr. Nuff, despite his size, was a very useful activist. No-one in his family had ever been a Looph - they were all dyed-in-the-wool, card-carrying Lurts and he was proud of it.
In contrast to the Lurts who are warm, gregarious people in general (if a little short on the personal hygiene stakes) the Loophs hold themselves apart in a superior way. There is no way a Looph can entertain that their ideas and policies could possibly be flawed in any way - it isn't even worth discussing. In fact the consensus seems unanimous that they have been in power too long and need a lesson.
It's strange how generalisations seem to apply but physical characteristics seem almost to ordain party leanings. Loophs noses, for instance, were not easily accessible to Ed's companions being pinched and tight and, above all, perfectly clean, dry and uninviting.Their general, fastidious personal antiscepticness being almost poisonous to the little creatures. They are slight, spartan, miserly indivduals with no hint of tasty waste about them.There is no living to be made around a Looph.
And so that is why, as I’m sure you can understand, Eddie’s friends are so elated today and why Ed himself is so blissfully satisfied because...

Here’s hoping Ed will be alert enough not to become aloof even in his old age!