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Mostly Christian stuff

Amen Audio

A glimpse into the past...

Alternative names for Worship songs...

I hope this is too irreverant but it amuses me...

The Yves St Laurent song or "As the deer pants"

"As the dear pants for the water..."

The Happy Confectioner's song or "My Jesus, my Saviour"

"Icing for joy at the work of your hands..."

The Cyclist's song

"My chains fell off my heart was free..."

The Compulsive Walker's song

"Hiking eternal..."


1974 Veron Kinkade

This piece of work again came from our relationship with the 11:59 group. Their lead guitarist, Peter Poyser, invited me to session on guitar for an album that Veron recorded in Eastbourne. Phil ("Pip") Hillsden also played guitar and Margie and Sally sang backing vocals and doo-wops.Veron was, I think, West Indian and an evangelist with the Assemblies of God. He wrote his own material, sang and played guitar.

1980 Lazurus

A musical developed as a collaberative effort by many Basingstoke Community Church members after an idea from Judy Penketh. I wrote the music and directed the band.

As with a lot of similar projects a lot of effort and creativity was poured into it, there was a single performance and that was the end.

It was good and its premature demise is a shame.

1973 Come Together

Jimmy Owens' significant musical.
Through our links with John and Ros Harding, leaders of the 11:59 group, we got to hear of auditions at Holy Trinity. Brompton, for this musical. Several of us attended and were accepted onto the cast. There was a gruelling rehearsal schedule and a nationwide tour with Pat Boone.

The Tour

1975 Yesterday, Today, Forever


As alluded to previously, during the life of "His Way" we came across, and worked with, another Christian band from the villages close to Thame and Aylesbury. The band was called "11:59". We even did a Dutch TV program with them. After they felt God asking them to disband the group and do a new thing I got an invitation out of the blue to audition to play guitar in their major project called...

1998 Jacob's Dream Tour of Bosnia

Part 1 - The Genesis

I've never been to Stafford before.

1984-1986 Intro


Andy Kenward (rhythm guitar)
John Pratchett (drums)
Kevin Floyd (vocals)
Andy Cippico (bass)
Herb Payne (lead guitar)


Standing on the Rock (Haworth)
New World Coming (Haworth)
It could have been me (Haworth)
Time Gentlemen (Payne)
We have made a mistake (Payne)
If you ain't gonna sing the gospel you're gonna sing the blues (Fransisco)
Running on Empty (Payne)
Jesus is alive (Payne)
Why do I feel this way (Pratchett)
Nothing seems real (Pratchett)