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Family related material

2006 04 Rome

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Family holiday memories...

Payne Holiday Memories

My challenge is to try and capture the essence of Payne Family holidays over the years with just 4 photographs and a few words...


The Taj Mahal

When I went to India the name Taj Mahal didn’t mean much to me, in fact, had anyone asked me what it was my answer would have been to the effect that it’s a famous building erected by a man in memory of his wife.

Darjeeling Railway

975818 L.A.C.Payne A.J.




My Dear Mum,

Here is the letter I promised you, telling you all about my leave.

Impressions of India

On March 15th 1943 I sailed from Liverpool with thousands of other service men and women in a convoy of ships 40 or 50 strong. We didn’t know where we were going, of course there were plenty of rumours doing the rounds. Had one taken any notice of them we were about to visit every war front in the world, provided we arrived safely, considering we were carrying such a vulnerable load of explosives. At least that's what some of the rumours said.

Calcutta; A day in the Empire's second city

It was a Saturday morning and a day off, so I decided to spend it in Calcutta. As usual the sun was bright and the air was still, heralding another hot, sultry day.

Wartime India

[img_assist|nid=146|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=65|height=100]My father, Corporal A.J. Payne (Jack), was in the RAF during the 1939 to 1945 war and was trained to work on Spitfire engines - Rolls Royce Merlins.

He spent the last years of the war in India. Here are accounts he wrote in the form of letters to his mother of trips he made to Calcutta, Darjeeling and the Taj Mahal during periods of leave. On his return to the UK he also wrote of some of his impressions and experiences of India.